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Direct Aid Global Strategies, or D.A.G.S. is a defense development organization that facilitates world-wide procurement, custom design and development as well as the distribution of specialized security and rescue products.

D.A.G.S exists to help close the gap between innovation, manufacturing and distribution by streamlining the existing network between the innovator and user. 

D.A.G.S. promotes first responder safety and aims to improve the health and safety of first responders. In order to achieve our goal, D.A.G.S. works closely with innovators, manufactures, distributers, retailers and users alike to bring products to the men and women in service around the globe. 

A message from D.A.G.S.

"We are excited to partner with Ready Warrior LLC! In our search for highly specialized and unique products, they stand out as delivering truly innovative and useful resources to the medical and rescue communities. We look forward to bringing our shared goals to the benefit of the tactical and medical community!"