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Gun Fighter IFAK

$199.99 $215.99 saving $16.00
Gun Fighter IFAK

Gun Fighter IFAK

$199.99 $215.99 saving $16.00

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The Gunfighter IFAK was designed to give you instant access to your life saving medical gear. No zippers, snaps, or delays. It is just the right size to carry a full trauma setup while taking up minimal real-estate on your gear. Perfect for your duty or Battlebelt setup!

This fully stocked version includes everything you need to deal with a traumatic event, including a CAT/SOFT-W Tourniquet and a SWAT Tourniquet. Check the Supplies Tab for a full breakdown. 

Have you ever tried to deploy and unzip your IFAK with one hand? Just an FYI it doesn't work out to well... The Gunfighter uses a laser cut cordura laminate shell to house an internal panel that can be deployed with the quick pull of either hand while still being completely secure during intensive operations.

The panel comes out, still closed in case you need to toss it to a buddy, then with the flick of the wrist it fully opens revealing the medical contents inside. All can be rapidly done with 1 hand.

Its time your medical gear be designed for the worst case scenario and function flawlessly.


  • 7" x 4.5" x 2"
  • Mounts to any MOLLE platform or belts up to 2.5" Via Laser Cut Hypalon Backing.
  • Includes Color Matched Direct Action TQ Holder & Laser Cut Med Cross Patch.
  • USA Made Cordura Laminate, Hypalon, and Milspec Velcro.
  • Made In The USA

Want to know what's inside? Click HERE for a detailed component list and the fine print!