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Ready Warrior L.L.C. is a company of current and former SF medics (Green Berets) who are actively creating products to assist ALL military medics in doing their job quickly and accurately.  

Originally created for our personal use, the Drug Reference Guide, Narcotics Quick Reference Guide, and Medic Quick Reference Guide were so well received and requested by other medics in our Special Forces unit, that we had to form an L.L.C. to produce them in the quantities necessary to meet demand and make them available for everyone.

We wrote the guides the way we wanted to read them. This makes the guides easy to read, easy to understand, and gives you only the pertinent information needed for battlefield medicine. No matter what branch of service you belong to, you'll love these guides! 

Same team, same fight, same great products.

Since then, we have been lucky enough to find and partner with other Special Operations and First Responder owned and operated companies to offer great medical and tactical products.

We take pride in only offering products that we would use ourselves. For more information about our partners, please click on a logo to view their partner page.

Former Green Beret Medic