Crimson Effect, LLC (K911's parent company) is a Denver based company that specializes in developing customized training K9 Tactical Care programs that get results.

K911 is a CAG Affiliate Training Company that has an unparalleled blend of military, special operations, law enforcement, fire/rescue, emergency medical services, emergency management, homeland security and other specialists who bring responsive, tailored services and products to dynamic organizations.

K911 was designed to provide lifesaving care at the point of injury to our beloved K9s. Our courses are about stopping the death spiral from catastrophic injuries so you can buy them the time they need to get to a qualified veterinarian.

K911 is NOT how to pull splinters out of paws.  K911 is about K9s surviving otherwise deadly wounds so they are alive and viable when you get them to a veterinarian.

Whether you’re a K9-Cop, Search and Rescue handler, or civilian whose dog is a member of your family, if you feel you cannot perform the skills you learn in our courses while under the worst of conditions and highest of stress, you can repeat our courses free of charge until you can.