Wild Hedgehog: Tactical Survival Solutions was created out of a desire to keep people safe, whether you are out hiking your favorite trail or running dignitary protection in the Middle East we have created a line up of gear to save your life in the worst case scenario.


We believe that our solutions enable people to feel secure in having the right gear at the right time should a survival or medical emergency ever occur. 


We also know that in an emergency things need to be Simple. Which is why you will find easy to use items in our kits.


At Wild Hedgehog we believe in the spirit of never settling, quitting, or giving up and always giving more than you think you can. 


Our slogan here is Stay Spikey which to us means staying sharp mentally and physically. Forging a strong mind, strong body, and having the right gear to take on whatever challenges you seek.


Wild Hedgehog LLC believes in living its values and not just preaching them. If you have an issue with one of our products please get in contact with us so we can get it fixed. No passing of the Buck.