First On Scene - Emergency Care Quick Reference Guide (TM 2020)


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You are the first on the scene of an injury and want to help, but you’re not sure what steps you can take to help someone until EMS arrives. That’s where we come in.

This guide is specifically formatted to help LEO’s and those civilians who refuse to sit on the sidelines when tragedy strikes, and want to bridge the gap between the time of the incident and the average 6-8 minutes before EMS services arrives on scene.

It helps you take awareness of the scene, and focus on the basics of emergency medical care that could very well mean the difference between the life and death of the patient. Scene size up, where to place tourniquets, how to pack wounds, where to put chest seals, steps for placing people in the recovery position, and more are all included.

We know you want to help. We know you’re capable of helping. Now give yourself the confidence to make sure you provide the right interventions in the right order to maximize the survivability of the patient!Small & light enough to be carried in your EDC Backpack.

 Guide Includes:

  • *Safety Considerations
  • March
  • Stop the Bleed (Zones of Treatment with Graphics)
  • Massive Hemorrhage-Tourniquet Application (With Graphics)
  • Massive Hemorrhage-Packing the Wound
  • Airway
  • Respirations
  • Chest Seal Procedure
  • Circulation
  • Hypothermia/Head Injury
  • CPR
  • Opioid Overdose Procedures
  • Notes Page


  • Specs: 5.125" x 3.5"
  • Simple & precise to give you the information you need to care for yourself or a loved one in an emergency.
  • Fully Laminated & Water Resistant