HALO Chest Seal-Vented

$17.99 $19.99

The Halo Vented Chest Seal was developed specifically for injuries with excessive bleeding, heavy perspirations, or very wet and extreme environments. It was created to treat tension pneumothorax, the second leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield. It features a highly aggressive adhesive, ensuring that it will conform and adhere to all contours of a patient's body. Durable packaging and material maintains the product's integrity when folded or crumpled, and a large pull tab facilitates easy and quick application. This product includes one vented seal and one non-vented seal for both entry and exit wounds and is used by many military, law enforcement, and EMS services domestically and internationally.


  • 4 vents positions at top, bottom, right, and left 
    • To assure the vent will function and drain regardless of orientation
  • Vent Indicator 
    • To clearly differentiate a vented seal from an occlusive seal
  • Large Pull Tab
    • For seal placement and burping of wound
  • Oversized Release Liner
    • Allows for easy application with gloved, wet, or bloody hands
  • Silicone Valve Material
  • Outer Tape Edge
    • Allows for ease of placement with bare or gloved hands
  • Hydrogel Adhesive