3rd Edition Medic Quick Reference Guide (TM) - Pocket Sized (C) 2020


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Once again you all have blown us away with your response to this guide!
We continued to listen to user feedback, and now proudly introduce the 3rd Edition of our Medic Quick Reference Guide! Updates include the newest changes to trauma medicine, added instructions and graphics for cricothyroidotomy (cric), instructions for needle decompression (with placement pic), upgraded lamination to make it even more durable and weather resistant, updated graphics, and many more! We continue to make this the best possible guide to help assist medics in doing what they do best, saving lives. 

Medic Quick Reference Guide includes:
  1. M.I.S.T. Report (with instructions)
  2. 9-Line MEDEVAC (with instructions)
  3. SMARCH-RV with patient baseline vitals chart
  4. Cricothyroidotomy instructions and supporting graphics
  5. Trauma Drugs
  6. Needle Decompression instructions and supporting graphics
  7. Burns 'Rule of 10'/Fluid Resuscitation
  8. Drip Rates / Drug Concentration
  9. Glasgow Coma Scale Chart
  10. Dermatome list, including full color chart! UPDATED!
  11. Mini-Mental Status Exam
  12. NATO Triage Category and examples
  13. Fill-in Roster with MOS, Battle Roster # etc
  14. Blank page for additional notes.
Size is 5.25"H x 3.5"W, with 80lb paper, fully laminated. Easily fits in your shoulder pocket of your ACU's or MultiCam. Rugged enough and small enough to go with you on every single mission.